Wild Hair Mods
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The new berth.
We hated sleeping in the V-berth.  We have grown used
to breaking down the table and creating a berth there, but 
what a pain in the butt to do that every night and put it
all back together each morning. Plus, the head walls seemed
to close off the boat.  Here is the solution we came up with.

First, we ripped out all the head walls. Then, we
made a backrest with rails, instead of a solid wall.
This opens up the boat more.

Next, we made a raised deck that extended
over the aft portion of the V-berth.

Another shot of the section over the V-berth.

Then, we started on the starboard side. 

This is the only part that is permanent.
The rest of the berth floor can be removed
to access storage areas.

This is a 1" aluminum bar. 

Another shot of it.

Then the cover to this part of the berth.

Now to the port side.

Here it is framed in.

Framed and covered.  Notice the holes. This
for ease of lifting the cover.

Now the center section. The aluminum bar
is removable.

Here is the berth with all three covers.

Another shot of the berth.  

Here it is with the top painted.  The
port-a-potty fits here, allowing easy access.

We have had two mattress cushions fabricated.
I have to get pics of them, and then I will post them.


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